Unlike other cities New York has no multiple listing service with which to search residential property for sale but with EveryNewYorkListing and the right agent you can shop more thoroughly, accurately and efficiently.

1. JAGUAR – Comprehensive listings, past sales, maps, city records, future listings, organizational folders, messages, notes, links to broker sites, smart-phone access.

Jaguar is the proprietary system of Real Plus used by reputable brokers in New York to share data. Its comprehensive search engine includes the listings of every member firm of the Real Estate Board of New York. If it’s not on Real Plus it probably isn’t real. Catch: you can only access Jaguar by working with an agent of one of the member firms.

2. STREETEASY – Listings, past sales, building data, reports, advertisements.

Streeteasy has become the “go to” public site for most New York buyers. Far superior to sites like Trulia and Zillow which don’t understand or cater to the unique New York City market, it still has weaknesses like occasional inaccuracies resulting from the depth of data it provides, so it works best in conjunction with an experienced broker.

3. FSBO –  For Sale By Owner property you won’t find in broker databases

Although “FSBO’s” are a rare breed in New York, they’re out there, and a good broker can find them. Beware: individual sellers are not bound to any ethical standards the way the best brokers are so you should use an experienced broker to pursue listings for sale by owner, starting with the first call, or your interests may be ignored or even undermined.

4. POCKET LISTINGS – only available through brokers and their personal networks

Pocket Listings are unlisted, unadvertised properties that may be coming on the market soon, or are on the market but for various reasons can’t be advertised. The only source for them is a broker with a wide personal network.